Take a moment and think about this. How should the best toilet look like? Many home owners can’t find this right. Asked why, most of them agree that it never crossed their minds before.

​However, our toilet experts say that a toilet is very important. It has everything to do with how the toilet empties its waste, provides the comfort when in use, and occupies the space in your shower room.

​Actually, it takes time to nail the perfect toilet today, but never mind! You aren’t alone. With time and with more help from home décor experts you’ll find out it’s no brainer.

​The problem many face nowadays is the numerous brands with many styles. But all the same our tips could give you the very best.

​Our experts compiled a number of great toilet based on numerous factors including user reviews and testimonials. Here is the top list of the top 10 best toilets that we put together to help you make the easy choice.

TOP 10 Toilet Reviews in 2019

Best Toilet toto drake 2
Toto Drake 2-piece ADA Toilet plus Elongated bowl

1 — TOTO Drake 2-Piece ADA Toilet plus Elongated Bowl

​Of all the toilet bowls that we sampled, the TOTO Drake 2-Piece ADA Toilet plus Elongated Bowl was a perfect fit for modern homes. With its sleek and simple design, it fused so well with both complex and simple shower rooms. Here are its best qualities!

G-Max Flushing Technology: It has a G-Max Flushing Technology. This gives it the best low rate water consumption. For low water bills and high energy consumption, it perfectly fits the budget.

A universal height design: It also boasts of a universal height design. Meaning that, it’s a perfect ADA design with a high profile tank. This makes it easy to use and also ideal for any home too.

12” Rough In: This toilet also has a 12” Rough In. This is super cool for any toilet that wants a maximum flushing power. It is ideal for pushing the waste and leaving a clean toilet.

Fast Flush Technology: Additionally, it has an integrated Fast Flush Technology. The system is designed with a 3” flush valve. The valve is 125% larger than the normal 2” valves making it faster.

Super Sleek Design: It also has a super sleek design. This adds up to an unglazed trap way. These two makes it awesome when set in your shower room. It has a bigger water surface with a lid.

​However, the toilet bowl comes with less seating space. It also has no toilet bowl lid. These are the two major deal breakers.


  • Super sleek design
  • Universal height for easy use
  • G-Max Flushing Technology
  •  High durability


  • Less seating space
  • No toilet bowl lid
  • Taller for the kids

American Standard Madera

2 — American Standard Elongated Bowl with no EverClean

The American Standard Elongated Toilet with no EverClean is also cool. It fits with almost all types of piping and thus saves you so many modifications. Here are its strongest points like we found out.

Toilet Top Spud: The toilet comes with a top spud. The spud makes it comfortable to use. It also helps you to have the right posture when in the toilet.

Top Class Finish: Simple, unique, elongated finish. This means more seating space. It also gives a flawless fit for the toilet in your bathroom design.

So Compatible: The toilet has an inlet spud. The inlet ranges in 1-1/2 inches. This makes it easy to fix. You require no modifications and it’s a perfect fit for many measurements too.

High Efficiency: The toilet boasts a low water consumption rate (1.6 GPF). But has a fully glazed (2 – 1/8) trap way design allows it to have maximum force and fast flush. It also has a direct-fed-jet action for power flush.

Ideal Height: The rim height sits at 15 inches. This is super ideal for anyone who wants to access the toilet easily.

A few deal breakers that we found were these. Because of an elongated design, the toilet bowl requires slightly more pace compared to the others. It also comes with no toilet bowl lid.


  • Classy finish
  • Efficient water use
  • Ideal toilet height
  • High durability


  • Occupies more space
  • Has no toilet lid
  • Needs frequent cleaning

Toto drake round - best bowl toilet

3 — TOTO Drake Round Toilet Bowl and Tank

The TOTO toilet brand is known for quality. The user reviews reflected the same. Though slightly different the TOTO that we saw before, TOTO’s Drake Round Toilet Bowl and Tank is the best bowl toilet. Here is why.

High Profile Design: It comes in a two piece design. The design has a sleek modern touch. This makes it a great toilet bowl for modern homes.

G-Max Flush Tech: The G-Max flushing technology makes it quite powerful. It allows it to easily clear the trap way – with as minimum water usage as possible.

Fast Flush Ability: It also has a fast flush capacity. It gets it from 3 inch flush valve system. This is usually 125% larger than the normal 2 inch valves. The fast flash helps to keep the bowl clean.

Fully Glazed Trap Way: This is perfect for a clean and easy to maintain toilet bowl trap way. This is even better as the toilet boasts a large water surface too.

Highly Durable and Stylish: It comes in a cotton white color/ hue. It is also very durable as the materials that it’s made out of are very strong.

Even so, the toilet comes with no lid for the bowl. It is a bit bulky and also has a lesser seating space.


  • High Profile Design
  • G-Max Flush Tech
  • Fast Flush Ability
  • Fully Glazed Trap Way


  • No lid for the bowl
  • Lesser seating space
  • Bulky when transporting

American Standard with top spud

4 — American Standard Madera Toilet and Elongated Bowl with Top Spud

Like many other American Standard brand toilet bowls that we found, the Madera Toilet and Elongated Bowl with Top Spud was of high style and quality. We loved it because of these qualities.

Elongated Floor Mount: This gives it a stylish design. The elongated mount is fitted with a flash-meter valve at the top or back spud.

Toilet Spud: The bowl and toilet comes with a top or back spud. This design allows you to choose the one that works best for you.

High Efficiency: While testing it, we realized the toilet has low water consumption. It uses only 1.6 GPF. This is ideal if you want to enjoy low water bills.

Fully Glazed Trap Way: With a condensation channel, a fully glazed trap way only makes this toilet easy to use, clean, and to flash through the wastes.

Direct Fed Siphon Jet Technology: This provides the high flush power. It minimizes water usage, and cleans the toilet bowl faster.

Easy Installation: The toilet is light. It is also easy to install. You can follow a DIY process and save money.

However, the toilet bowl has no lid. It is small in size and may damage easily if handled poorly too.


  • Fully Glazed Trap Way
  • Direct Fed Siphon Jet Technology
  • Easy Installation


  • Small in size
  • Damages easily if mishandled
  • Has no lid

Kohler K-4199-0 Toilet Review

5 — Kohler K-4199-0 Highline Elongated Bowl on Comfort Height

If you want a simple, sleek, design to work with, a Kohler K-4199-0 is the best toilet bowl to go for. Many features amazed us here. And we managed to put up the most vital ones for any home owner who is looking to buy.

Comfort Height: The toilet bowl is ADA certified. It has a comfort size that makes it easily accessible to every user. Don’t worry about your height, weight, or size.

Elongated Design: This design allows the bowl to provide more seating space. It also makes it more comfortable when in use. Again, it makes it really easy to clean up.

Highly Durable: The toilet is made out of hard materials (vitreous china). The materials allow the toilet bowl to last longer and withstand frequent usage.

12” Rough In: The rough in provides enough space between the toilet trap way and the wall. It also makes cleaning a very easy activity.

Easy Installation: The toilet has a top inlet. It comes in simple pieces that you can easily install alone. You can work with the user manual.

The bad is; the toilet bowl has no lid. You have to buy the lid separately. It may also take more space if your shower room is small.


  • Comfort Height
  • Elongated Design
  • Highly Durable
  • Easy Installation


  • Lid bought separately
  • May take more space

American Standard Cadet 3

6 — American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise with Elongated Toilet Bowl in Linen

Another toilet review that swept us off our feet is the American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise. It was the simplest design we found but with the best features any ​perfect toilet bowl would come in today.

High Durability: The bowl is made out of vitreous china. This makes it stable, durable, and hard to manhandle.

Easy to Clean: Like the same brand before it, the American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise is also easy to clean. This is because of the same material used to forge the toilet bowl.

Fully Glazed Trap Way: This is an important aspect. It makes it easy to flash out waste and keep the trap way super clean.

Siphon Jetted Technology: This is usually the source of the power flush. It makes it easy to flash of waste and works best with the fully glazed trap way.

Toilet Lid: The toilet bowl also comes with a toilet lid. This makes it easy to keep off odor if any. It also keeps the place free of bacteria.

The only set back is, the toilet bowl is heavy. It also comes separately with the tank, and may cost you more when installing.


  • High Durability
  • Easy to Clean
  • Fully Glazed Trap Way
  • Siphon Jetted Technology


  • Heavy
  • Tank sold separately
  •  Need help to install

TOTO Nexus toilet review

​7 — TOTO Nexus with Elongated Toilet Bowl and Tank

Users love TOTO brands and so did we! The toilet bowls that TOTO boasts are the best. Indeed the TOTO Nexus is not left behind. Its Elongated Toilet Bowl and Tank has great feature for a modern home.

G-Max Flushing Technology: The bowl is fitted with a maximum power flushing technology. The technology allows it to clear waste with a single flush.

Very Efficient When in Use: Because it flushes with a single power flush, there is no need to flash more. This conserves water and also makes it efficient.

Fast Flush Technology: The bowl is also fitted with 3 inch flush valves. The valves are usually 125% larger than the normal 2 inch flush valves. This makes their speed faster.

Comfort Height: No more worries. This toilet bowl is actually ADA compliant. You can easily access it irrespective of your height, weight, or size.

Highly Durable: The bowl is also made out of highly durable vitreous china material. This gives it one of the longest life span irrespective of the rate of use.

The disadvantage is; the bowl may need more space to install. It is also hard to install as it is slightly bulky.


  • G-Max Flushing Technology
  • Very Efficient When in Use
  • Comfort Height
  • Highly Durable


  • Needs more space
  • Hard to install
  •  Slightly bulky

8 — Kohler K-4380-0 Comfort Height Toilet with Elongated Bowl

When you hear of a comfort height in a toilet bowl that’s exactly what ADA compliant means. And this toilet bowl, the Kohler K-4380-0 Comfort Height Toilet with Elongated Bowl has that feature and many more.

Comfort Height: The toilet bowl is ADA compliant. So no hassle; irrespective of your height, size, or weight, you can easily access the bowl.

High Durability: Made of vitreous china, this bowl is not far from the top category. It boasts high life span and enjoys to notch durability even when under frequent use.

12” Rough In: The ideal space a toilet bowl leaves between the wall and the back of the trap way is important when cleaning. This toilet bowl has the standard rough in too.

Elegant Design: A beautiful, stylish, and sophisticated design will add more value to your home. It also adds high aesthetic value. This bowl has the best groovy design for your use.

Fully Glazed Trap Way: It makes the bowl easy to clean. It also makes it easy to flash off the waste and used minimum amount of water possible for the same.

Too bad though, the tank comes separately and the bowl is weighty. But if you want quality then you won’t mind a small hassle.


  • Comfort Height
  • High Durability
  • 12” Rough In
  • Elegant Design


  • Slightly Bulky
  • Separate Tank
  •  No lid

American Standard Town Square

9 — American Standard Town Square Elongated Bowl with Concealed Trap-way

Like the many American Standard toilet bowls that you have seen, the Town Square Elongated Bowl with Concealed Trap-way is the best toilet if you wanted a concealed trap way. But the best part is these features that we highlighted.

Toilet Bowl Lid: Unlike many toilet bowls that we have seen, this one has a lid. The lid is great at keeping the bowl covered and trapping toilet odor is any. It also makes the toilet look neat.

Ever Clean Design: This design is used by the toilet bowls to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, or bacteria on the surface of the toilet bowl.

Durable: The toilet is made out of hard vitreous china. It can withstand frequent usage and also last long if well take care of.

Stylish: With grooves running around the design and a stable base to hold it, the toilet bowl is very stylish. It adds more aesthetic value to your home and keeps the shower room looking great.

Comfort Height: Not to be left behind, this bowl also boasts ADA compliance. It can be accessed easily irrespective of your height, weight, or size.

However, here is the spat. The bowl comes in a single hue (white). It is also elongated and thus may not be so comfy for some people.


  • Toilet Bowl Lid
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Comfort Height


  • Single hue
  • Smaller space
  •  Slightly heavy

Toto drake round bowl and tank best toilet

10 — TOTO Drake Round Toilet Bowl

Well, by now you know TOTO is a great brand. And the TOTO Drake Round Toilet Bowl is the one toilet bowl that you don’t want to miss out on if you can afford it. Here are the reasons why.

High Style Design: The bowl boats of a high style modern design. With sleek grooves and well cut decorations across it, you will love how it blend in so well in your home.

E Max Flushing System: Additionally, the bowl is fitted with one of the best flushing technologies (E-MAX flushing technology) that allow it to use the least amount of water per flush.

Fast Flush: Like many other TOTO brands that you have seen, this bowl also supports fast flush. This technology is great if you want quick flush of waste and if you want to save water.

Very Durable: Made out of vitreous china clay, this bowl will withstand the highest form of use. It will take time to get damaged and may live past the estimated lifespan.

Fully Glazed Trap Way: For a smooth, quick, and fast flow of waste, the ​right bowls should have glazed trap ways. TOTO Drake Round Toilet Bowl offers exactly that.

Even so, the bowl comes with tank and therefore is tough to install if you are working alone. It also has no lid, and above all is slightly weighty.


  • High Style Design
  • E Max Flushing System
  • Very Durable
  • Fully Glazed Trap Way


  • No lid
  • Slightly weighty
  •  Frequent cleaning

​5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Buying Best Toilet

So there is the good and the bad. But then again the bad aren’t that bad – so if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter. Yet you may miss out on what is highlighted here. In case it happens, here is what you need to look for in the top toilet bowls that you have never known of.


​A technology may be good – but not efficient. Simply put, it may not serve the purpose that it’s meant for properly. You should keep an eye on the reviews to find out about that. User reviews will easily shed light and give you more insight on how it works.

​The Design

​A toilet bowl design has so many aspects to it. Is the bowl durable? You should look at the material of manufacture. A good example is the Kohler K-4199-0 Highline that made out of vitreous china clay, has an elongated design, a 12” rough in, and is ADA compliant.

​Home Design​

​Forget about weight, installation, or presence of a toilet lid. Think about how your home looks like and what your preferences are. Is your home spacious enough to have a round or elongated toilet bowl? What colors are in your home and which bowl color will blend in well? Go for a good blend.


​Is there a technology behind the performance of that toilet bowl? You saw the G-Max flushing technology in the TOTO Drake Round Toilet Bowl and Tank. That’s how the best will work. They always have an extra little something for you to enjoy.


​Take for instance a toilet bowl with a spud or one that has an inlet and uses a direct jet siphon system for flush power; doesn’t it need an easy fix? Doing modifications may lead to damage and a waste of time. Always look through bowls that will fit in with all pipe ranges flawlessly.

​How to Buy Best Toilet Step by step

​If you have been around shopping for a toilet bowl you will agree there are lots of brand to choose from. So how to you buy the best? Follow these simple steps.

​Step 1: Make a Check List of Need

​What do you need? What is your buying preference? Do you want a normal toilet or an ADA compliant toilet? Do you need a single piece or double piece?

​Step 2: Determine the Toilet Bowl Budget

​How much are you willing to part with? Always make sure you use what you can afford. It would be pointless buying a toilet bowl and failing to fix it because you used all the money.

​Step 3: Shop Around for the Very Best

​Think of the right price. Look out for the right design. You can check for discounts, offers, and sales bonanzas. Additionally, always keep an eye on the shipping cost if you are buying online. Read reviews to get the best brand.

​Step 4: Choose where To Buy From​

​Whether you choose to buy across the street or in a mall, make sure you are buying from the best place. Today, buying online is preferably the best as if offers warranties straight from the manufacturers and it also has some of the most affordable prices.

​Toilets Review Conclusion​

​Well, we may add more, you could have much, but the most important thing is that it helps you to get the greatest toilet for your home. Always, start by looking at your needs first before you make the first step to buying a best toilet bowl for your home.