Best Portable Toilet

Honestly, how often do you plan on taking a camping toilet when you head off to the hills? I’ve been camping for over 40 years now and we’ve never worried about a camping toilet until last fall when we invited some “green horns”. Talk about a miserable weekend. So, if you’re a city slicker pay attention and at the end I’ll give you a cheap and affordable alternative idea on portable toilet outdoor camping.

If you are planning on taking your family out for an adventure into the wilderness, having a camping toilet at hand is essential. Camping is actually fun and exciting but having to endure the hassle of not being able to go the bathroom easily is something that people actually dread. This is why having a portable toilet as part of your camping equipment is highly recommended.

Camping Toilet
Camping Toilet

When on the lookout for portable toilets, the first one you will most often find is Coleman. Coleman and outdoor activities go hand in hand. However you might want to consider Reliance products since they are made from materials that are of the highest quality for durability and ease of use. Other brands like Caroma, Eljer, Mansfield, Kohler and Coleman are also considered among the best brands there are when it comes to camping toilets and with the variety of designs and styles they have for this kind of toilet, you’ll surely be looking forward to your next camping adventure.

The Many Types of Camping Toilets

There are actually different types of camping toilets being sold today. Some of them can be folded, others have a bucket design while others even make use of a tent for more privacy. You can even get a flushing camping toilet that is portable enough to bring on your next trip to give you all the convenience you need. Who said that you can’t enjoy a bit of the civilized world while out in the wilderness? Having a camping toilet with you will definitely make your trip more satisfying.

Toilet Camping Commode
Toilet Camping Commode

When shopping for a camping toilet, make sure that you take into consideration your preferences and the budget you have. Most of these camping toilets are affordable but depending on the design, you may have to add a few extra dollars just to get the one you want. However, this type of toilet is definitely worth investing your money on especially when you are the type of person who loves going on trips outdoors.

Buy your own camping toilet today and get to enjoy a bit of luxury while you are outdoors. These toilets are definitely worth carrying around during your adventure trips into to the wilderness for your comfort. And since they are made from light but durable materials, carrying them with you won’t be too much of a hassle at all. So what are you waiting for? Take a peek at what types of camping toilets are available today and see for yourself which one will fit your preferences and budget.

A Budget Busting Portable Camping Toilet

Next to a camping toilet tent (strictly for privacy) you can easily make a portable camping toilet with for about $2. Simply take a 5 gallon bucket, use the left over plastic grocery bags as a toilet bag and you’re set. We use this set up in our boat, in the woods and on the beach. Anyone who needs privacy can move this cheap portable camping toilet to the tent, behind a tree or make yourself a shower stall with 10′ by 10′ tarps. Because you get so many plastic bags from just about all the stores you shop, you will never need to worry about camp toilet replacement bags. If you want to purchase camping toilet bags we’ve sent people over to Amazon, because they offer a lot, have free shipping and you don’t have to waste gas driving around looking for them. Everyone who sells them, hangs out on Amazon and offers their products.

Believe it or not, you can also find a portable flush toilet. I found one at Amazon and the price was between $59 to $90 depending on the amount of holding tank you want. Here is a link to take a look at the cheapest of the bunch. Coleman Portable Flush Toilet There are other options for a portable camp toilet but the price does up considerably.

As you can see you have plenty of options for portable camping toilets. But remember it basically comes down to where you are going camping and do they offer restrooms or not. Also of great importance is what you can handle as far as a sanitary camping toilet and how much of the toilet waste you want to carry out.