The Best portable toilet reviews 2019

We want to help you choose the best portable toilet. You are probably wondering why? Because “there is no place like home”. The same goes for the place, where even king goes alone. It’s the comfort that counts. But what if you would like to go for a camping or hunting trip? Obviously, you cannot take your private toilet with you. It would be very difficult, as it’s attached to the pipes that are sealed within the walls of your home. Not to mention the weight or dimensions. That could really be kind of hard to do, unless you are a strongman and you are driving a large truck. So what are the features of the best portable toilet? Should it be cheap? What should you focus on when buying a portable toilet? There are few factors that determine the choice of best camping toilet. What will you use it for (apart from the obvious business)? How frequently will you use the porta potty? How many people will also use the camping portable toilet? What is your trunk capacity? These, among others, are the questions you need to ask yourself, to choose the solution tailored to your needs. First and foremost, you need to decide which type of you best portable toilet you need. Each one will need emptying at some stage, so it’s crucial to know the differences. We chose 5 best camping toilets from the ”dry” category and 5 best portable toilets from the “chemical” category. Also, as mentioned before, “size matters”. You will find here the essential information about the best portable toilets, including dimensions, volume, comfort, and ease of use. We want to shed some light on this topic, as choice depends on many factors. We will guide you through the realm of best portable toilets and help you choose the best one for you.

TOP 10 Best Portable Toilet reviews

Luggable Loo Review – Best portable toilet for hunting and fishing.

Luggable Loo Review
Luggable Loo

Portable bucket toilet is the best unit you can get when going fishing or hunting. As you probably know, during these activities you need to stay focused for a long period of time. So it’s best when nothing distracts you, and this means literally “nothing”. You need to stay so cool, that the sheep count you when they go to sleep. This hunting bucket toilet may look like a bucket, but it’s far more than just that. It’s a light and practical unit for a very fair price. With its five-gallon capacity and three-pound weight it can save you on hunting trip, as well as during a disaster. It features a handle so you can take it basically anywhere, and it’s comfortable enough to keep your business safe through the whole day. This also goes for keeping the scent away thanks to snap on a lid. To save your time, you can also buy optional Double Doodie bag for this model, so after disposing the bag, your portable toilet is as clean as new.

Specification Of This Camp Loo

  • Model: Luggable Loo
  • Type: Camping Toilet Bucket 
  • Brand: Reliance 
  • Features: Included traditional seat and metal handle
  • Toilet Weight: 3.00 lbs
  • Toilet Dimensions: 13.5 inch x 13.0 inch x 15.3 inch
  • Capacity: 5 Gallon – 20 Liters  
  • Color: Gray
  • Water Consumption type: Waterless
  • Price type: Economical price
  • Warranty: 5 years


It’s a kind of sit-do-and-go with Luggable Loo. Cleaning is easy, even easier when you decide to use disposable bags. All you need is a soap and water or just disinfectant wipes. It is the best rated portable toilet for its features.

Pros of this hunting toilet

  • Simplicity and reliability: designed for doing your business whenever you need to, it’s as simple as that.
  • Easy cleaning: water and soap or disinfectant wipes, that is really all you need to keep it clean.
  • Low price: this feature beats any other model, it’s perfect for those who seek low-cost solution.

Cons of this cheap portable toilet

  • Smell: if you don’t use disposable bags and don’t have the opportunity to clean it up, you may know that this unit is somewhere around even with your eyes closed.