Corner Toilet

Thinking of a corner toilet? Those who think that there is only a limited opportunity in enhancing small bathrooms might have not heard of corner toilets or even a dual flush corner toilet. Ask any home builder today on what type of bathroom they would mostly prefer and you will get a unanimous answer: a spacious one.

This is the reason why many home builders who already have the budget want to redesign and make their bathrooms bigger. However, not all people can afford to have their bathrooms totally renovated. But if you really want to give your bathroom a new look without spending much, a flush corner toilet (and or a two piece corner toilet) would come in very handy.

Corner Toilet
Corner Toilet

Two of the most common hardware pieces designs for small bathrooms are a pedestal sink and corner toilets. Both of these are particularly designed to fit smaller bathrooms and the options available are endless. Apart from its affordable construction cost, a corner toilet also helps save bathroom space. This means that with this type of toilet, your bathroom can be more spacious and roomier without the need to expand the size of your old bathroom. Most bathrooms have excess space that is just wasted. This may be due to bad construction planning. By using corner toilets, you can maximize this space to its full use. And for those men who want a elongated toilet; fret not, you can get an elongated corner toilet with seat. You will also be glad to know that you will not find it hard to find replacement elongated toilet seat just about anywhere you look.

One thing to remember is the price of something like the wall mount or high tank toilets.  Here is a look at something I am talking about on the right.  These stylish toilets are pricey and run about twice as much as a normal american standard dual flush toilet.

Triangular Corner Toilet Tanks

Corner toilets usually have triangular tanks. These triangular tanks fit exactly in the corner of typical bathrooms. Compared to rectangular toilets, corner toilets will complement any types of bathroom space. Most of the time, the only structure that would fit on small corner spaces are triangular stands. Corner toilets are different. No matter how constricted the corner space is, you can find workable ways to install corner toilets. You will even be surprised on how these simple corner toilets are capable of making your bathroom roomier. With corner toilets, you can have more free space to utilize for any purpose. And don’t forget most of them come with a flush button on lid.

Who Makes a Reasonably Priced Corner Toilet

Aside from its practical function, corner toilets are also very stylish. The unique shape of a corner toilet is an eye-candy. In fact, there is an assortment of designs, shapes, styles, finishes (vitreous china) , and colors (bone) that you can choose from.

You can even have one custom designed to suit your taste and preference. The most popular corner toilet brands are Gerber, Glacier Bay, Kohler, Mansfield, Eljer, Randolf Morris, American Standard and Caroma.

Some of the models you will run into would be something like: American Standard Titan Pro or a Regent dual flush corner toilet, the Sheffield elongated dual flush corner toilet, Randolph Morris Tto piece elongated front corner toilet. To add flavor and flair a lot of people like the nottingham brass toilet paper holders to compliment these toilets and the bathroom setting.

The bottom line here is: corner toilets can make an ordinary bathroom look better and more functional sans the expensive cost. Corner toilets, compared to hung toilets, are more cost-effective. The cost of installing one is as inexpensive as that of regular toilets. Perhaps one of the best advantages of opting for corner toilets is its eco-friendly quality. Compared to other type of toilets, a corner toilet requires minimal water consumption. So if you want to remodel your bathroom with minimum costs and maximum benefits, go for corner toilets with a solid brass toilet paper holder.