Wall Hung Toilet

A Wall hung toilet is quite the rage in European countries but they still have to make their way to households in the United States. However, things are starting to look different especially when homeowners are starting to see the beauty that this type of toilet brings. Not only that but it can be a practical carrier installation in a crowded bathroom. A standard wall mount toilet system can be found easily online and the best place to get some idea’s on a wall mount toilet is Amazon.  Take a closer look at these  toilets including an elongated wall toilet.  wall hung toilet

Toto One Piece Toilet

The most complete Toto one piece toilet reviews on the net. Learn all aspects of these toilets from their softclose toilet seat to the new innovative finish called the sanagloss. If you are looking for a powerful yet quiet flush then keep reading, your wish has come true. Are you looking for a toto one piece toilet review? We have that and plenty of other information for your next home improvement or bathroom fixtures project. Learn specific information about the Toto toilet including their softclose toilet seat and their patented sanagloss finish. If you are a person who prioritizes style, innovation

TOTO Neorest Toilet Series

We found this video at youtube and truly believe these toilets are supreme over other toilets. However, can you see something in the video that would lead you to believe otherwise?  More info here: DigInfo – 3/9/2010 TOTO Neorest Hybrid Toilet. TOTO Neorest Hybrid Toilet Series The Toto Neorest series is top of the line product.  Toto has a unique way of understanding the comfort, efficiency and affordability.  These Hybrid toilets will give your bunns a gentle reminder every time you sit down on them. If you need more information on other Toto toilets then by all means visit

Toilet and Toilets

Toilet and Toilets Systems Toilet and toilets wants to educate you on the many different types of  toilet parts and toilet systems that are available to you. We have plenty of toilet reviews for you on this site so make sure and read those toilet reviews located on the right side of the page. Since the advent of Home Depot many shoppers who look for a toilet home depot or Lowes toilets will find cheap toilets that sometimes work well and other times “not so well”.  Glacier Bay Toilets are made by Home Depot and you will find all the information you need on these toilets by following that link. Click on this link, toilet

Toilet Seat

Do you realize how much time you spend on a toilet seat in your life? It just cracks me up how many people want a molded wood toilet seat instead of comfort seats. Yes, I realize how crappy those old soft toilet seats used to be but what the heck, have you checked out some of the newer toilet seats? The Cloud Soft Seat is one seat that a lot of people are really starting to go after. Regardless if you have a dual flush toilet, or a elongated toilet seat or a round toilet you might want to check out the Brondell Breeza designer

Toilet Brush

Our top rated toilet brush reviews are below: Your bathroom is probably the one place in your whole house which difficult to keep clean and neat at all times. If you think of it, this room occupies only a small space and yet, it takes a lot of time to organize things in there and it usually requires a lot of effort to keep the fixtures at their best. This may be due to the fact that your bathroom is constantly being used all throughout the day and it is always moist and damp in there. It is for this reason why

Toilet Accessories

When you think toilet accessories usually your thought process thinks about towel racks, toilet paper towel dispensers, and medicine cabinets with built in mirrors.  We also think about the toilet brush and where on earth to hide it when we don’t use it.  There are lot of items that make up toilet accessories and oftentimes we never think of them as “toilet accessories”. If you are fortunate and own dual flush toilets in your bathrooms like the ones you see on that page,  it shouldn’t be hard to match some of your toilet accessories.  Lots of people have a theme in their bathroom and try to match

Soft Close Toilet Seat Reviews

Bemis 1583SLOW Elongated NextStep White SLOW Closing Potty Seat When it comes to soft close toilet seats nothing can beat the Bemis seat. It is the top rated slow close toilet seat at many online stores and for a very good reason, they are dependable, reliable and cost competitive. However, as good as the Mayfair by Bemis is, the Toto, American Standard and kohler soft close toilet seats are all a very close second. Many times it comes down to which toilet you have that you purchase the toilet seat soft close. Remember the majority of toilets you purchase do not come with a

One Piece Toilet

Are You Looking For A One Piece Toilet There are a ton of all in one piece toilet on the market and trying to wade through all of them can be difficult. I am sure you have asked around with your friends if anyone owns a one-piece toilet and you have also done it on the net. Allow us to share with you some other interesting facts you should know about the round and a elongated one-piece toilet. Keep in mind when you are shopping around for something as specific as a elongated toilet that you also look for a elongated toilet seat

One Piece Elongated Toilet

One Piece Elongated Toilet Reviews Will Give You A Pleasing Bathroom Experience The one piece elongated toilet reviews will give you specific ideas on how to create a stunning bathroom decor. Learn who will give you the best toilet for the money. Continue reading below. One piece elongated toilet is a special kind of one piece toilets which is designed to bring in a different kind of comfort while users perform the necessary calls of nature. If you have been reading one piece toilet reviews then you probably realize these types of toilets are a leek-free and stylish addition to any bathroom decor. Heck you can even