Gerber Toilets Reviews 2019

When the Polish immigrant Max Gerber went to America, he did not immediately contemplate creating one of the biggest companies known for bathroom fixtures. Even 75 years after the company was founded, Gerber continues to bear the respect of not only the patrons but also the contractors, designers, builders, and the employees. Gerber toilets are just some of the things that Gerber is most proud of, not only because of style but also because of the quality and durability it represents to your bathroom decor.

Gerber Toilets
Gerber Toilets

With two plants that manufacture Gerber toilets located in North America and China, they only distribute their great toilets and other bathroom fixtures in the US, Canada and the Caribbean. After years of creating bathroom fixtures, they have perfected the process of producing residential and commercial plumbing products. In addition to this, Gerber products are also aesthetically pleasing and brilliantly designed.

Various Features of Gerber Toilets

Almost all of the Gerber toilets have options like: one piece toilets, two piece toilets, single flush, water feed gravity toilet, pressure-assist toilet, ADA compliant, HET (high efficiency toilet), ergoheight 17″, elongated, rounded. Keep in mind these features or options are available in all 18 models. Just imagine moving all that waste in a single flush using only 1.28 gpf (gallons per flush)? Most of the gerber toilets range from 1.28 gpf to 1.6 gpf. With these toilets it’s an incredible way to save money and water with each toilet flushing. No wonder these toilets get a top review from many plumbers. And just like American Standard toilets you can interchange the toilet seat.

Gerber Maxwell Toilet
Gerber Maxwell Toilet

The inherent durability of each Gerber toilet is something that has made an impact, which is why customers choose Gerber products over their competitors. This is also due to the fact that Gerber has often produced more durable and longer-lasting fixtures as compared to similar products In the market. It would be important to realize that Gerber does not just focus on plumbing fixtures alone. Gerber also manufactures china bidets, faucets, brass tub drains as well as tanks.

The Go Green campaign is something that Gerber is a proud member of. This campaign is advocated by the government and many companies have followed suit, Gerber included. This is why Gerber toilets as well as other bathroom fixtures are now manufactured in an environment-friendly manner. Gerber has achieved the green status, which means that they are fully submitting themselves to creating environment-friendly products while maintaining the quality and durability that their products are known for.

Some Gerber toilets can be bought wholesale, which is beneficial for professional plumbers. However, you can also purchase then individually depending on your need. Commercial establishments will buy in bulk especially when they are purchased in retail because by doing so they will spend less. If you just have a home to fill, it is quite okay as well to purchase a toilet that will cater to your needs.

For the past 75 years, Gerber toilets have become a symbol of quality. Their great and classic designs are definitely something that has been seen in bathrooms since the 1930′s, and it is probable that this will ring true for many more years to come.

Brief List of Gerber Toilets Model Numbers/Names

  • Wicker Park HET
  • Logan Square
  • Brianne
  • Picturesque
  • Allerton
  • Ultra Flush HET
  • Ultra Flush
  • Ultra Dual Flush HET
  • Avalanche
  • Avalanche HET
  • Viper
  • Viper HET
  • Maxwell
  • Maxwell HET
  • Maxwell Dual Flush HET
  • Maxwell SE
  • Maurice
  • PeeWee

Gerber Toilet prices will range from the mid $200 all the way up to $600 range. Considering the quality of these toilets they are competitively priced and well worth the money especially compared to Glacier Bay Toilets and the toilet tank. Here is a link for you to read more about their Toilets.