Glacier Bay Toilets

You can find Glacier Bay Toilets at Home Depot in a city near you. A glacier bay toilet is imported for Home Depot by a company called Foremost Groups.

Glacier Bay Toilets do not cost as much money as your American Standard toilets or Kohler toilets. Depending on which model number you purchase, your investment will run between $106 to $198. A major draw to the Glacier toilets is the absence of a flapper and float. If you have read some of the reviews on this toilet the one that you will notice the most is the glacier bay toilet seat. Just about everyone complains about the seat coming loose in a small amount of time and then the consumer has to go out and purchase a new toilet seat and then install it.

Glacier Bay Toilets: Pro’s and Con’s

Glacier Bay Toilet
Glacier Bay Toilet

Any product you purchase will have reviews if you look close enough on the net. What you need to do is take in all this information to make your own sound decision. I will say that a lot of people who write negative reviews are DIY’ers who really have no business doing the plumbing. If you install a glacier bay toilet or any toilet for that matter, read the instructions and don’t be afraid to ask others how to do it. Heck, just head over the youtube and you will learn quite a bit.

One of the complaints I hear a lot about is the toilet actually getting plugged up. Some customers complain that the 1.6 gpf elongated toilet and the glacier bay 1.28 has an exit hole of 1.5″ but plumbers who have checked out the glacier bay toilet or who install a glacier bay claim it is 2″ on both of these toilets. My advice is to measure it once you find the toilet you like. Then you can see who is right and who is wrong. From that information you can honestly decide which review is worth believing and those you should just ignore.

The most beneficial aspect of these toilets is the price. It’s hard to find a replacement toilet around $100 but at Home Depot you can find them. A flapperless toilet is kind of nice because you don’t have to mess around with a flapper that get deformed when you put those chlorine pills in the tank. And last the fact that you can save money and water by purchasing a toilet that can go as low as 1.0 gpf. All of these features make a glacier bay toilet worth looking at.

When you see something like: 1.28 gpf elongated toilet the 1.28 gpf stands for gallons per flush and the elongated means the toilet is more oval in nature than a round toilet. To learn more specifics about the elongated toilet follow the hyperlink. We discuss the benefits of the elongated toilet on the home page.

You can purchase a Glacier Bay Flapperless Toilet in either a round or elongated models. Round toilets fit best in small bathrooms and the elongated toilets do cost more money but they offer more area to sit on. Since these models offer a larger surface area they will also provide a more powerful flush. Glacier has both of them including a water saving feature as low as 1.0 gallons of water per flush.

Glacier Bay Toilets: Replacement Parts

In a minute I will give you two different numbers to dial for toilet parts. Before you can call to get replacement parts for your glacier bay, you will need to have a model number. The toilet model numbers are easy to find if you look inside the toilet tank. Simply lift off the toilet tank lid and on the inside wall you will see the model number. Glacier bay toilet parts for a lid or seat can be found underneath the item.

Here are the numbers we have found the most beneficial for replacement parts: 1-800-831-8383 and the corporate headquarters in Atlanta a call. 800-654-0688.

Let’s take closer look at the Glacier Toilets. Each link will take you directly to home depot’s site.

Glacier Bay 331-725 1.28 GPF HET All in One Elongate Toilet

Glacier Toilet
Glacier Toilet

This is a 2 piece white toilet and it is EPA water sense listed. The package includes a toilet seat, wax ring and mounting bolt. It is a ADA height toilet bowl and fits a 12 inch rough in.

Glacier Bay N2316 1.1/1.6 GPF All in One Toilet

The beauty of this toilet is that you get a HET rebate with your purchase. It is EPA Water/Sense certified as well as a elongated bowl that also meets ADA standards. This unit will be good in retrofitting situations and it comes with a chrome plated top mounting flush button. Liquid flush is rated at 1.1 GPF and solids flush is 1.6 GPF.

Like all Glacier bay toilets it comes with a wax ring, floor bolts/caps and a toilet seat.

Glacier Bay N2310E Elongated 1.0 GPF Pressure Assisted All-In-One Toilet

The N2310E has a lot of the features of the other two toilets but it is rated at 1.0 GPF. The difference between this toilet and the other two is it uses a state of the art Sloan Flushmate IV pressure assist flush technology. The Sloan Flushmate IV is made in the USA and it’s rated at 2x the flush power of gravity feed toilets. They claim it is just as quiet as a gravity flush but I’m not to sure about that. It is EPA WaterSense certified.

Yes, you do receive a toilet seat, wax ring, floor bolts and vanity caps.