Kohler Toilets Cimarron Reviews

Here is a very good look at the Kohler Toilets – Cimarron Reviews.  Inside this Kohler Cimarron review you will get a good idea on their water saving flush system, comfort height, easy dry-lock installation and a canister flush valve that maximizes flushing performance.

Kohler Tolets Cimarron Reviews

Video Style Cimarron Reviews

It’s great to walk into a store and view all the toilets on display.  The only problem is if you walk into a big box retail store like the orange or blue company you will probably get a CSR who “might” know something about toilets but chances are good if you get anyone at all, they don’t know SH** about them.  Therefore your best bet is to research on the internet or walk into a plumbing store.

The specialty shops have a much greater knowledge of all the toilets on the market and they will definately strear you in the right direction.  If you know a plumber they are probably even a better source of information because they are the ones that install and repair them.  I give a lot of credit for your toilets to our sub contractor and the plumber.  We ended up with some fabulous toilets that make like a breeze.

Elongated Vs Round Toilets

Men, an elongated toilet is a much choice because it creates room in the front of the bowl for your extra part that females do not have. *wink* The only reason you should not purchase a elongated toilet is because you have limited space.  Don’t take my word for it, go try one at the store and see for yourself how that little extra space creates a little freedom, you will see exactly what I mean.  Women also enjoy the extra room for their very own reasons but if at all possible go elongated.

One other feature you should consider is the height of the toilet.  I asked our sub contractor for some recommendations and he told me point blank, “we are not getting younger and it will get harder and harder to get up off the toilet as you age, therefore get a ADA toilet.  We had no idea what he was talking about but we made sure and ordered one.  Well, now that we know what they are we have become spoiled at home.  Make sure and check these out.