One Piece Elongated Toilet

One Piece Elongated Toilet Reviews Will Give You A Pleasing Bathroom Experience

The one piece elongated toilet reviews will give you specific ideas on how to create a stunning bathroom decor. Learn who will give you the best toilet for the money. Continue reading below.

Kohler Elongated One Piece Toilet
Kohler Elongated One Piece Toilet

One piece elongated toilet is a special kind of one piece toilets which is designed to bring in a different kind of comfort while users perform the necessary calls of nature.

If you have been reading one piece toilet reviews then you probably realize these types of toilets are a leek-free and stylish addition to any bathroom decor. Heck you can even find toilets that will match your shower faucets, bathroom faucet and bathtub faucet.

We own a elongated one piece bathroom toilet and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. We have the memoirs comfort height elongated and it fits in nicely next to our bathroom vanity, plus we never have to worry ever again about water on the floor because it is a leek-free toilet. However you need to remember that these toilets do not come with a toilet seat, so you will need to purchase an elongated toilet seat. One other thing to remember is you can purchase a comfort height elongated toilet which will make it easier for people who are getting up there in age.

Clients who want to replace their toilets or those who are buying toilets for a new bathroom should take a look at the elongated kind of one piece toilets. Whether it is a Toto toilet or a Kohler one piece toilet unit, the one piece elongated toilet kind is receiving customer appreciation. You will also see options for 1.6 gal or 1.2 and even 3.5 gpf.  The gpf stands for gallons per flush and it is a big term in the industry. We discuss this is great details here, one piece toilet or visit the wiki site.

General Features of the One Piece Elongated Toilet

Elongated toilets provide more comfort and a larger seating area for the users with their bowls typically made to have more than 2 inches of circumferences than the regular circular-shaped toilet bowls. Elongated toilets are the answer to the luxury and comfort people are looking for when thinking about designing or replacing the design of their bathroom with a new one.

Kohler One Piece Toilet
Kohler One Piece Toilet

These oval-shaped toilets naturally take up greater spaces than the standard round one piece toilet. Allowing more space but still maintaining standard circularity shape can be very dangerous to one piece toilet users since support isn’t enhanced which can cause toilet users to fall into the bowl. This shape feature allows the user’s upper thigh to be comfortably supported by the sides of the one piece elongated toilet seat almost similar to a comfortable individual chair.

One piece elongated toilets makers have incorporated the American Disabilities Act requirement for toilet heights. The standard height of the one piece elongated toilet is around 15 inches. For persons with disabilities, elongated toilets are available with heights ranging from about 161/2 inches to 19 inches when installed.

You will not have to worry if in case your one piece elongated toilet seat needs to be replaced. There are replacement seats available in the market specifically for this kind of toilets. Replacement seats are designed to fit the oval contour of the one piece elongated toilet because the round toilet seats fall short of the required length. You just need to make sure you will be buying the same brand of replacement seat as the toilet you will be using (Kohler one piece toilet, Toto toilet, American Standard toilet, etc.). Replacement seats for one piece elongated toilet are available in varying colors, textures and base materials.

One Piece Elongated Toilet versus the Two Piece Type of Elongated Toilets

There is another type of elongated toilets – the two-piece elongated toilet units. Two-piece toilets have separated bowls and water tanks while in one-piece toilet units, these two major toilet parts are combined into one single unit. This minor difference makes two-piece toilets more susceptible to water leakage due to the necessity of multiple connectivity requirements among smaller toilet parts such as rubber gaskets, bolts and nuts.

Kohler Memoirs Toilet: One Piece Elongated Toilet Design

Kohler gives you a variety of one piece elongated toilet designs that you choose from. Your chosen design will depend largely on how exactly you would like the bathroom to appear with this classic piece. Kohler one piece elongated toilet makers have made memoirs toilet with the classic traditional touch, one that you can be absorbed in while in a solitary contemplation.

You can pick the color that will suit your mood: white, almond, biscuit, thunder grey, cashmere, black, Mexican sand, sandbar, or tea green. You can have the white Kohler one piece elongated toilet if you want to experience peace and serenity within your bathroom. You might as well complement this white one piece elongated toilet with a nice bathroom curtain that has some flower design or any image of the natural environment. Or you can have the one piece elongated toilet with the tea green color. This color can invigorate your spirit after a long hot day.

Kohler memoirs one piece elongated toilet units integrate with the looks of historic furniture that can help evoke sweet intimate moments in your past. These units easily match with established traditional bathroom decorations that are especially set for your contemplative and planning activities.

Although this kind of one piece elongated toilet pieces is making waves among people, the modern designs incorporated in some other Kohler one piece elongated toilet have become an instant hit as well. People who have a taste for the busy kind of life and for big adventures like these modern designs.

When you are about to purchase one piece elongated toilet, make sure you are clear about certain details. Online, you can actually read comments about this product. Customers share their experiences in the use of one piece elongated toilet. These comments can guide you in this purchase. Take note of the ideas that these customers have shared; these are the ideas you need to incorporate with your own to come up with a decision.

While visiting online selling and purchasing websites, go immediately to the description section that explains features and benefits of different one piece elongated toilet products. You also have to compare prices of different brands. They all appear particularly the same on the screen so get to know each product carefully.

Different one piece elongated toilet companies offer varying discounts. Without compromising quality, choose the company that offers the biggest discount. Check out for shipment offers for one piece elongated toilet product. Free shipment is available for residents living in particular states. Shipment charges may vary depending on distance so also give this distance details particular attention.  Here is a list of the most common companies offering these one piece elongated commodes.

  • Kohler
  • American Standard
  • Toto
  • ProFlo (made by kohler)
  • Gerber
  • Eljer
  • Glacier Bay (Home Depot brand)

Read carefully the terms and conditions especially the part that outlines warranties and replacement services. Get the one with the longest warranty period and gives replacement parts and services for one piece elongated toilet free of charge.

You are not alone in this transaction. Customer assistants are ready to help you with your questions and to give some pieces of advice. You sure will get this kind of assistance when you purchase a one piece elongated toilet unit and it is best to do it now.

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