One Piece Toilet

Are You Looking For A One Piece Toilet

There are a ton of all in one piece toilet on the market and trying to wade through all of them can be difficult. I am sure you have asked around with your friends if anyone owns a one-piece toilet and you have also done it on the net. Allow us to share with you some other interesting facts you should know about the round and a elongated one-piece toilet. Keep in mind when you are shopping around for something as specific as a elongated toilet that you also look for a elongated toilet seat as well, because nobody will package both the toilet seat and the toilet unless you are looking at the Home Depot brand called Glacier Bay. The glacier bay toilets do come with a toilet seat but they are not very sturdy and they like to stretch a lot. For a great explanation of how toilets operate visit this wiki site.

One Piece Toilet
One Piece Toilet

To help you figure out if you should go with a one piece toilet or a two piece toilet let’s take a look at them.

  • Two-piece toilets have a two parts, the tank and the bowl.
  • Between the two is a seal that can leak but we have not had a leak in any of our toilets in 50 years, so take that as you wish.
  • As you can imagine the one-piece is an all in one unit without the hassles of seals but they are more expensive.
  • And with a two piece toilet you can expect to pay between $20 to $70 for a toilet seat.
  • The big advantage to a one piece toilet is there will be no seal issues and hard to clean spots that accompany the two piece toilet.
  • You will both round and one piece elongated toilet as well as elongated and round two piece toilets

Fitting The Low Flow One Piece Toilet Into Older Homes

The next area you need to decide upon is do you want a gravity feed flush, pressure assisted flush, power assisted flush or a vacuum assisted flush. Each has it’s benefits and with today’s maximum requirement of 1.6 gpf it can become an issue. To measure how well any of these flushing systems work they use a waster removal per flush system. If you have a new toilet and it requires you to flush 2 times to totally remove all the waste, is that really saving money?

One Piece Toilets
One Piece Toilets

If you have an older home with something larger than the new standards of 3/8” trapway and 4” flush valve (older homes are more like 6 inches and cast iron pipe) it is very hard with only 1.1 to 1.6 gpf to push that waste down the drain. As you know metal with rust and corrode which makes the inner linings rough. This roughness will slow down the flow rate of your waste which could lead to problems. The old standard toilets had something like 5 gpf or more which wasn’t a problem because enough water was behind each flush to push the waste easily down the drain. A dual flush toilet might help but let’s take a look at some of the other options you can use with your one-piece toilet.

Gravity Flush

Gravity flush toilet is the most popular toilet on the market today. You will definitely find them in most of the older homes in America. We had to replace our entire home due to a fire and we purchased gravity flush toilets and they work well as long as you don’t leave the waste in the toilet to long or let it pile up. It’s funny but when they first came out with the new standard 1.6 gpf toilets they experienced a lot of clogged toilets for homeowners. However, today you still might have to flush your toilet a couple of times to get some of the large waste down the drain. When this happens it might be time to move onto something that will cost more and that could be…..

Pressure Assisted Flush

Pressure-assist toilets is probably the next most common option and they go beyond gravity by using a plastic tank that holds the water and is pressurized. When you push the flush valve the force of the water coming out so fast you will hear that waterfall sound that blasts and forces the waste out quickly. This as well as the electric powered flush has virtually eliminated clogged toilets. In order for these to work you have to have at least 25 pounds of pressure in your water system. Just so you know most housing structures in the cities run at or above 40 pounds. Do not be alarmed at the prices because they will run around the $200 to $500 mark. Repairs will be more costly because you have extra items inside the tank.

Vacuum-Assisted Flush Toilets

If you do not want to pay as much for an assisted flush toilet then you might want to consider the vacuum-assist toilets. Priced between the $200 to $400 mark you will find price reductions that will usually fit in between these two numbers. Inside these toilet tanks is a vacuum chamber and it works like a siphon that pulls air out of the trap (below the bowl) that will fill the bowl quickly to help move the waste out. These toilets work well if the item is located near a bedroom because the noise is greatly reduced.

Power Assisted Flush Toilets

The most expensive option of all of them they will run you at least $1000 without the color options. As you can imagine the power is supplied by electricity which means your toilet will need a GFI plugin located near your toilet. There is a pump inside the tank and when you press the level that pressure will rush the water down to the bowl and quickly remove the waste away. They are quiet but you will pay a lot of money to fix these things in case something happens.

Who Makes A Good One Piece Toilet

If you base your decisions on reading customer reviews at various websites then you will have probably learned that the undisputed leader in high performance toilet design. That toilet is made by American Standard and it is a one piece toilet. It offers the widest 2 3/8” trapway and 4” flush valve that makes it really easy to push your waste out the door. They do offer the industry’s widest flush valve which means you can flush with confidence knowing that you can put your plunger back in retirement.

Now, that doesn’t mean the others can not make a toilet that works as well as the American Standard because they do. Kohler offers a low profile one piece toilet that has been a great selling toilet and Toto also offers a great one piece toilet as well. Other manufacturers include: Briggs, ProFlo (made by Kohler and cheaper), Mansfield, Gerber, Eljer and the Glacier Bay toilet imported for Home Depot. There are other toilet manufacturers you don’t see to often include: Barclay, Geberit, and there is an English imported toilet called the Nautilus II.

Please remember if you are looking for a colored one piece toilet in say black you will pay more money for it based on the fact that most toilets are made in white and making them in black or any color for that matter requires additional costs.  However, they do turn a dull looking bathroom into a show piece instantly.

Now to help you get started in finding the specific make and model if you follow some of the links above they will take you directly to another page that will give you greater details of each one piece toilet.

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