Toilet Accessories

When you think toilet accessories usually your thought process thinks about towel racks, toilet paper towel dispensers, and medicine cabinets with built in mirrors.  We also think about the toilet brush and where on earth to hide it when we don’t use it.  There are lot of items that make up toilet accessories and oftentimes we never think of them as “toilet accessories”.

Toilet Accessories
Toilet Accessories

If you are fortunate and own dual flush toilets in your bathrooms like the ones you see on that page,  it shouldn’t be hard to match some of your toilet accessories.  Lots of people have a theme in their bathroom and try to match that theme, whether it be colors, finish of towel racks or toilet paper holders or simply trying to replace items as they break with the cheapest style possible.  But one question I’d like to ask you is……  Have you thought about stainless steel washroom accessories like:

  • baby changing stations
  • commercial bathroom mirrors
  • seat cover dispensers
  • high quality commercial medicine cabinets
  • automatic soap dispensers
  • toilet seat covers
  • bathroom floor mats
  • grab bars
  • toilet brush
  • dampened toilet seats (automatic seats are really cool)

Although you may not notice it, the bathroom is one of the most important parts of your house. A lot of people consider the bath or toilet room as the place in the house where they are able to enjoy and relish their privacy. In there, you can be at one with yourself. Even though it might sound quite awkward, you can actually realize a lot of things about yourself and your life while sitting on the toilet or taking a bath. This is the reason why you should carefully consider the things that compose your toilet and bathroom. If you are looking to redecorate and remodel your toilet because you want to achieve that excellent, relaxing vibe, you should be able to get the best bath and toilet accessories out in the market.

Carefully Consider these Toilet Accessories

Toilet Accessories Caddy
Toilet Accessories Caddy

When the term toilet accessories is mentioned, you would automatically think of the basics like the toilet bowl itself, toilet paper holders, bidets, soap holder, and other general accessories. If you are in a tight budget, your toilet room can already function well with these common accessories. However, being on a tight budget does not mean that you have to be restricted when it comes to making your toilet room look conducive and classy. You can always pick the best toilet accessories in terms of design and quality and let it complement the overall interior design of your toilet room.

If your bathroom is a combined toilet and shower room, there are many other toilet accessories that you can choose to add. For instance, you can make use of edgy and stylish towel racks where towels and bathrobes could rest. You can also put in clothes racks and hooks. Soap, shampoo, and other bath aromas, creams, gels and other items can be also included in your list when shopping for toilet and shower room accessories.

Ultimately, you cannot go without a mirror! One of the most important toilet accessories is the mirror. You can also put in a small cabinet where you can bring out more personal items such as toothbrushes and shavers, among others. You must also have rolls of toilet paper handy and definitely, an efficient toilet paper roller or holder that would not stuck up when you need it the most. Your toilet bowl itself should have an efficient flushing system and should you choose to get a bidet, make sure it’s clean and efficient to keep you from getting any infections.

Picking Your Own Toilet Accessories

If you are lucky enough to build a new home during the construction process your contractor will give you plenty of restrooms options. Things like the finish of your cabinets or bathroom vanities, different model numbers to toilets, color/finish of your hinges, styles of bathroom cabinet doors and color of your bathroom. You will also be able to select your shower head style, size, bathroom fixtures, etc. Keep in mind your bottom line will be the allowance or price they give you for all your bathroom accessories and other products. Don’t go overboard on vanities, mirrors and fixtures because you will quickly run out of money especially since a contractor always low balls these areas.

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