Toilet Brush

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Your bathroom is probably the one place in your whole house which difficult to keep clean and neat at all times. If you think of it, this room occupies only a small space and yet, it takes a lot of time to organize things in there and it usually requires a lot of effort to keep the fixtures at their best. This may be due to the fact that your bathroom is constantly being used all throughout the day and it is always moist and damp in there. It is for this reason why molds and mildew form in the different corners of the area most particularly around the toilet.

Toilet Brush
Toilet Brush

Cleaning the toilet may seem like a tedious task but its quite easy, really. All you need to do is to get yourself one trusty toilet brush. The toilet bowl brush & holder combo is one of the most important bathroom accessories that you need to have especially if you want to keep your bathroom fresh and sanitized all the time. If you suffer from arthritis we have a special toilet bowl brush that uses oxo good grips designed specifically for you and the toilet bowl rim. Those of you who are limited with space will find a great selection of toilet brushes & holders at Amazon. They have plenty of options available for you to view and help in your selection process.

Best Places to Find a Toilet Brush

You can easily get a toilet brush in home depot, Wal-Mart, Bed, Bath and Beyond, or even Target, bathroom accessory stores, and even your local grocery stores.  All you need to do usually is walk into the grocery story look for the section where the cleaning agents and accessories are found and you will probably run into a toilet brush set and other toilet accessories.

When you do go shopping for a toilet brush, you have a lot of options to choose from as it comes in different designs, colors, shapes, and sizes. There are also designs that have ergonomic and easy grip handles for easy use. Even the bristles have different textures and softness too depending on how hard you wish to scrub your toilet clean. There are also brush sets too which is a much more convenient find since it contains brushes of varying sizes for different uses.

We have found that you can shop a lot better for just about any product over at Amazon. If you live outside of Washington State you are very fortunate because you can find free shipping as well as no tax. That in itself is definitely worth the effort to shop at Amazon. Plus you will find great prices. Just recently we had to replace our music cd’s because of a fire. We spent the time on Amazon and probably saved over $300 shopping with them instead of our local shops.

While there is really no hard and fast rule on how to use a toilet brush, it is still best to use it with proper care. Since most brushes are made from plastic materials, you need to keep in mind that it should not be used along with cleaning agents that have high acid content as it may end up corroding the brush and damaging your skin. In addition to this, a toilet brush requires proper care as well. You need to make sure to clean it with anti-bacterial soap after using so that you can eliminate all the germs that you picked up while scrubbing. It is also advisable to find a safe place to keep the toilet brush & holder in order to retain its quality. You can also get a brush holder and place it in one area of your bathroom so you’ll know where to look for it once you need it.

Amazon Top Rated Toilet Brush

My wife was not into top rated toilet brushes, instead she wanted something that matched our bathroom hardware.  We ended up with a stainless steel toilet brush and holder.  I’m not gonna tell her it’s “not stainless steel” instead is happy that the brushed nickel toilet paper holder matches her free standing bathroom brush and holder matches.  She did want to make sure her bristles would last and that is why she ended up purchasing locally.  However she didn’t realize I also purchased at toilet cleaning brush set from Amazon.  Guess which one she uses now?

Toilet Brush Holder
Toilet Brush Holder

Here is a link Amazon Top Rated Toilet Brush that I used when I selected our brush.  If you spend some time reading the toilet bowl brush reviews you will definitely end up with a top rated toilet brush.  As you know this one item is probably on the top of the list for bathroom accessories and they have enough different types of brushes that something will fit the design and finish of your bathroom.

Just so you know I purchased the Oxo good grips brush because it is much easier on the wrists and if you have arthritis this one has received some great reviews from Arthritis sufferers.  Good luck and keep us posted on your success.

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