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Do you realize how much time you spend on a toilet seat in your life? It just cracks me up how many people want a molded wood toilet seat instead of comfort seats. Yes, I realize how crappy those old soft toilet seats used to be but what the heck, have you checked out some of the newer toilet seats? The Cloud Soft Seat is one seat that a lot of people are really starting to go after.

Regardless if you have a dual flush toilet, or a elongated toilet seat or a round toilet you might want to check out the Brondell Breeza designer seat (heat and deodorize) or the Brondell Swash designer seat (kind of like a bidet toilet with heat). I

Toilet Seat
Toilet Seat

Toilets are made to provide comfort to its users and it is important that they are made with fixtures and facilities that are likewise comfortable. The toilet bowl is one of the essential implements inside a toilet and it usually comes with a toilet seat.

Great Feature You Should Consider on Your Next Toilet Seat

Some people call this a quiet close and others call it a soft close.  Regardless of what it is called they are awesome.  Visit a showroom

Wooden Toilet Seat
Wooden Toilet Seat

Toilet bowls come in different shapes and sizes and so do the toilet seats that go with them. There are two shapes of toilet bowls: the round shaped bowl and the elongated toilet bowl. The elongated toilet bowls naturally have elongated toilet seats and toilet seat covers. What a lot of people don’t know is they have other options and the one option we chose for our toilets was the ADA (“handicapped”) toilet which is taller than a normal toilet. Basically it makes it a lot easier to get on and off the pot and something we are grateful for. We give thanks to our sub contractor for sharing that secret with us and it’s been a wise investment.

The round toilet bowls used to be the most preferred ones, especially in bathrooms that have small spaces. However, the trend has shifted to the elongated toilet seat. The elongated shape is like an egg and it is about two inches longer than a round bowl. The roomy features of this type of toilet seat have made it the best option for the tall and large-sized people. Needless to say, more men want these toilets and seats because of the extra space. And another top option is the black toilet. It adds a great deal of style and class to any bathroom. But you will still get in trouble if you men don’t leave the lid and seat in the down position. 

The toilet seat must be comfortable. This is the main reason why the elongated kind has become the preferred choice because it’s able to cater to most people, big, small, tall, or short. Those who are updating their bathrooms are now choosing the elongated seats to modify their toilet bowls.

The elongated shape is likewise convenient for men. There is more space in front and a larger target area. And because of the larger target area of these toilet seats, the sanitation in the toilet area has become better.

Top Brands and Manufacturers of a Toilet Seat

  • designer melamine toilet seat
  • melamine toilet seat cover
  • Kohler
  • Bemis
  • American Standard

You will find many of these products all over the internet and our favorite place to shope is Amazon. They will have a price range that fits your needs and they will give you free shipping. Can’t beat that., right?

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