TOTO Neorest Toilet Series

We found this video at youtube and truly believe these toilets are supreme over other toilets. However, can you see something in the video that would lead you to believe otherwise?  More info here: DigInfo – 3/9/2010 TOTO Neorest Hybrid Toilet.

TOTO Neorest Hybrid Toilet Series

The Toto Neorest series is top of the line product.  Toto has a unique way of understanding the comfort, efficiency and affordability.  These Hybrid toilets will give your bunns a gentle reminder every time you sit down on them.

If you need more information on other Toto toilets then by all means visit our toto page.  On this page you will find more details on GPF, height, bowl structure and what might work best in your bathroom.  Remember elongated toilets will stick out further, so your bathroom better have “some” room in order for your elongated toilet to fit in.

When we rebuilt our home the bathrooms stayed the same dimensions.  We ordered an elongated toilet but our plumber would not put that toilet into our bathroom because it took up to much room.  We ended up with a round toilet in that small space.

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